We harness the power of digital technology and data driven insights to help you reach your ideal candidates.

There are loads of talented people out there - they are qualified, they are smart, they have initiative and a great work ethic. But how do you find them?!

Just placing adverts on job boards is no longer enough to ensure your business attracts the best talent. Social networks and targeted digital delivery that find people where they live, work and play is the future: and it’s here now.

Big Splash have been the experts in recruitment advertising since 2002. We harness the power of digital data, social networks and traditional media, with multi channel campaigns that help you reach your ideal candidate - wherever they may be hiding.

How it works

We specialise in targeting both active

and passive job seekers, vastly increasing your talent pool.

Recruitment advertising is evolving beyond job boards being the primary source of candidates. Job boards only reach job seekers who are actively seeking roles. In today’s competitive talent market it’s incredibly important to proactively target both “active” and “passive” candidates - individuals who aren't necessarily seeking a job, but are open to new opportunities.

We work with you to build an accurate persona of your ideal candidate, then using our media know how and digital technology, we are able to accurately target those people, whether they are actively searching for a new role or not. This widens your access to a vast talent pool.

Why your job ads are probably a waste of money (and what you can do about it)

If you’re still investing all your hopes, dreams and valuable recruitment dollars in the same old media, it could be time to look at what other options are out there. Our 2018 media analytics report is designed to get you thinking and inspired. Download now.


We work with leading companies throughout Australasia