Precision Targeter

Big Splash's bespoke PrecisionTargeter™ service uses state of the art programmatic advertising technology. Harness the power of digital and data to reach your ideal candidates precisely, efficiently and quickly.

Is your industry suffering from a skills shortage?

Are you getting inappropriate resumes because your vacancy doesn’t fit a standard online classification?

Unlike old fashioned job boards that are aimed at active job seekers only, with PrecisionTargeter™ we work with you to build an accurate persona of your ideal candidate; including their professional associations, skills and interests. Then, using our media and digital know how, we accurately target those people based on their online and social media behaviour.

What’s special about this, is that your message reaches both active AND passive job seekers that fit your profile. Your fabulous and engaging job advert will get more eyeballs, in environments that people actually enjoy! Not just posted on a crowded job board.

A more precisely targeted budget spend and a bigger pool of higher quality candidates - what’s not to like about that?

Present your opportunity to a vast talent pool: whether they are actively searching for a new role or not. It’s high tech but not as expensive as you may think. Packages depend on how many impressions you want and how long for.

PrecisionTargeter™ is the way of the future and it’s here.

Your Big Splash Account Manager can talk to you about the packages available.

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