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18 February

New Zealand Recruitment Advertising in 2018

2017 has seen massive changes in the recruitment landscape. More matching platforms have emerged, job search engines have increased. We want you to know what is coming down the pipeline in online advertising and marketing as you plan your recruitment advertising for 2018.

You’ll need an Employer presence outside of the actual job ad

58% of internet searches take place on mobile. This is translating into consumer habits.

Social media is moving to replace traditional job search methods, so rather than just be on Google and job boards, businesses need to ensure they have an active EMPLOYER presence of social media.

80% of buying decisions are made based on what other people are saying about that business online. This same principle translates to the recruitment market where people are doing their research about what it’s like to work for that business before they apply.

This is why it is crucial to be found in channels where people are looking  at your business. We are expecting to see a massive uptake in businesses with company pages on sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn, where job seekers and consumers are already engaging in conversations about that business.

Look out for big players in the job matching market

Media business NZME are making a massive and well planned foray into the recruitment sector with their new jobs platform YUDU.

Purported to change the way people find a career, the platform is focused on capturing active job seekers as well as the passive job seeker market.

With plans to position themselves as the ‘go to destination for employment’, YUDU is hoping to make big impact on job advertising. Currently advertisers are able to leverage NZME, NZHerald, radio and online assets, which the media giant will be leveraging to grow their candidate database, as well as include employment branding packages to businesses.

With the ‘pay per search’ database currently being implemented across traditional job boards, expect to see a backlash from competitors and with more options including lower pricing to emerge for advertisers straight off the bat in 2018.

Trade Me – Expect something new

New Zealand’s biggest eCommerce platform made a successful venture into harnessing data with advertisers early in the year. Trade Me is expected to further hone in on the information and buying behaviour of their users to allow for more intelligent ways to target.

Trade Me are looking at ways they can package advertising that is tailored specifically to searches on its site, so that the ads are relevant to the person that is seeing it.

As Trade Me has traditionally had good reach in blue collar markets, we are expecting to see more options for smaller New Zealand business who want access easy and cost effective media tools.

Job ads  in the regions will boom

Whilst many of these job matching platforms are focusing on mass recruitment in the larger centres, with a range of government initiatives expected to be announced next year, we expect to see significant job growth in the regions. (

This means more advertising in the regions, and more campaigns to get word out generally that businesses are hiring.

Tighter immigration rules will affect hiring, and will mean that advertisers will have to push harder to get people moving from centres, particularly Auckland, to the regions. This will require a strong plan with a creative emphasizing benefits and a focus on what people are looking for in jobs (not just a competitive salary.)

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New Zealand Recruitment Advertising in 2018