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24 January

Recruitment = Marketing

Job Seekers have the power of a connected world on their side, this means your business needs to engage in marketing strategies to reach your candidate audience.

Today’s job market is controlled by job seekers, they have options and no longer have to throw themselves at every job they come across. This wasn’t always the case. Finding a job or learning about a business in the past was much harder. Recruiters and candidates would essentially first meet at the job interview after learning about a job on a job board or through the newspaper. Over the past 10 to 15 years, this has been the primary place for candidates to learn about available positions or potential opportunities.

Today, candidates have the power of a connected and social world on their side.

Through platforms and search engines such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, candidates can engage in endless research to understand a company, its culture, and what people are saying about the business.  60% of people say they do this before they consider applying.

For candidates today, choosing a job is increasingly like making a highly involved purchase such as buying a house or car. There is a high level of consideration and extensive evaluation. Research is conducted on a regular basis, over an extend period of time before any action is taken. Options are assessed and a wide number of factors are taken into consideration before making a decision.

The same people who could work for your organization are often also your everyday customers. How you treat candidates can affect your reputation and your relationship with your customer base. What they say can be written in a number of different forums and reach thousands of people, who will draw an impression about your business. What is means is that companies are not only fighting for the best talent, but at the same time trying to make an enjoyable customer experience that maintains their service reputation.

This is why the recruitment function today looks a lot like marketing

Today, HR managers need to shift their focus and change strategy to a process that is far more marketing oriented. Candidates need to be found where they are: on social media and internet sites, rather than on job boards ready to apply. Candidates should be treated like sales leads, nurtured often and early, ready to build a strong relationship and trust.

The smartest recruitment strategies engage a potential pool of candidates before a position even opens: in a strategy called employment branding. This means you are gaining the attention of someone who is employed somewhere else and is not currently looking for another job, giving them reasons why your organization is somewhere they might like to work without explicitly telling them to apply for one positon.

If you’re a small or medium sized business employment branding isn’t out of your budget or reach. It simply means you need to refocus your recruitment strategy. Most small businesses in Australia and New Zealand are spending their recruitment advertising budget on monthly job ads on job boards, with mediocre results. A small part of this budget can be reallocated to coordinated social media advertising or monthly employment branding packages that provide effective results.

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Recruitment = Marketing