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Is the NZ recruitment market bouncing back?

TradeMe Jobs quarterly statistics have just been released and it makes for very interesting reading.

It shows a recruitment market that is bouncing back but also, as we predicted, big increases in application numbers. In fact, TradeMe report that applications have increased by 61%.

The good news is that job vacancies have increased steadily from April (which were down -72% YoY) to May (down -52% YoY) to June results which were down 17.5% YoY, so there has been a strong bounce back in recent times.

Hospitality & Tourism listings are up 9% YoY in June vs (-44% in March) and (-89%) in April, which resonates with feedback we're hearing in the hospitality industry.

Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry listings were up 37% YoY. One reason for this may be that there are fewer international travelers on Working Holiday Visas to fill seasonal roles so companies are now advertising for local resource.

There was a 61% increase in applications YoY across the board with the biggest increase coming from the Architecture, Sales, Marketing & Comms categories.... 152% in applications YoY!

The search term ‘work from home’ is seeing 2,000 searches per day!  This is the biggest shift we have seen this year with more companies equipped to have staff working remotely.

The regions were less impacted than major centres. Auckland was hardest hit, down 55% for the quarter and Wellington job listings were down 49% but demand for those listings was up 40% YoY, meaning more job seekers looking for work in these cities.

Hawkes Bay (4%), Bay of Plenty (2.5%), Manawatu/Whanganui (8%) Marlborough (8%) Northland (10%) Taranaki (15%), and the West Coast (8%) all saw increases for the month of June when compared to last year. 

With this in mind, now would be a good time to target different areas with your advertising, to tap into those that would consider a sea change. With less jobs in Auckland and Wellington, more job seekers, and the appeal of cheaper housing and an arguably better lifestyle in our smaller cities and towns, there will likely be highly skilled and qualified individuals relocating to our regional centres.

You can read the full press release here: https://talentpropeller.co.nz/download/trademestats

Don't hesitate to get in contact with me if you'd like to discuss these results in more detail, or your recruitment advertising strategy.

Is the NZ recruitment market bouncing back?