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Video campaigns, why use them?

Why Facebook

With over 2.6 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide[1]. This makes it one of the best channels to advertise on, as we can access the biggest worldwide audience.

At Talent Propeller, we have run over 2000 Facebook campaigns in the last year. From this, we have discovered that the number of candidate applications delivered to our clients by Facebook has nearly doubled compared to the previous year. Facebook now accounts for more than 20% of traffic delivered by media to our clients’ websites[2].

The static image for advertising has been the most popular by far, but another way of showcasing your business, vacancies, and benefits is to create a Facebook Video.

How are Facebook Videos different?

A Facebook Video joins 3-5 slides together highlighting your vacancies and benefits of working with your company and creates a rolling ‘slideshow’ of these benefits that automatically plays when in a Facebook users newsfeed.

Rather than using one single still image, Facebook videos are a fantastic way to showcase multiple benefits of working with your company such as competitive pay, relocation assistance, flexible hours, life insurance etc.

Targeting and Strategy

Transport and driving is one of the industries that we know works on Facebook. According to Facebook Business Manager, in New Zealand, the Transport and Moving Industry has 26,000 users[3].

Recently, we tested the performance of a Facebook video for a Drivers recruitment campaign vs a static campaign (just one image). We ran the campaign for 30 days, targeting users in the Auckland, Northland and Waikato regions, with an audience size of 80,000 people with relevant job titles and interests to the transport and road industries.

The video we ran consisted of 4 slides highlighting the benefits of working for this particular transport company, including competitive pay, 24/7 rotating shifts and their well-maintained fleet of trucks.


The video performed incredibly well, receiving over 1,000 clicks in 30 days. This delivered over 60% of the client’s overall traffic to their career’s website throughout their recruitment campaign, and has converted to 12 applications just from Facebook alone, not to mention users who have seen the advert and visited the careers site directly to apply.

Engagement was also high.  Over the course of the month, this video had 79 reactions (likes), 16 comments, 17 shares, and was saved by users 9 times. This demonstrates the ability to tap into a word-of-mouth market.

The campaign delivered an outstanding result for the client and demonstrates the power of how a fairly straight forward video can deliver better engagement and therefore better results.

Comparison to using one single still image

In comparison, we ran a similar campaign hiring Class 5 Drivers in the Auckland and Waikato regions. Targeting over 14,000 Facebook users, the campaign ran for 3 weeks, and overall received 645 clicks, 34 reactions (likes), 6 comments, 3 saves, and 8 shares.

This shows that although the video did perform better overall, Driver campaigns still perform well regardless of using a video or single image campaign.

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Facebook Advertising