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Should you be targeting candidates outside of your local area?

Auckland and Wellington candidate availability up by 40%

With the recent release of Trade Me’s quarterly statistics, one of the biggest, but not surprising, stats was that Auckland and Wellington job listings are down by 55% and 49% respectively but demand for jobs in these two centres are up 40% YoY.

This got us thinking (and possibly stating the obvious); for regional companies looking for talent, now is a great time to be advertising outside of your local area in our main centres.

The importance of attracting quality staff has never been higher. In the current climate, businesses are in need of not just experience, but a diverse skill set as well as agility in their team members.

Where the first port of call is to advertise locally, perhaps now, with these figures in mind, there is a call to advertise further afield to attract people who are willing to relocate. With such a big percentage of job seekers available in Auckland and Wellington, you would open up your talent pool significantly.

Where the desire for a sea change has been moderate over the past few years, we are seeing a significant increase in job seekers considering how to map their future due to the COVID pandemic. Topics for discussion around the dinner table have included moving out of a main city for greater work-life balance.

The net regional migration flows out of Auckland accelerated from 2,727 people in 2014 to 12,942 people in 2017, with the biggest regions Aucklanders are moving to being Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Northland. In 2019, these same regions were the fastest-growing in the country.*  

Hawke’s Bay and Nelson-Tasman also appear to be now trending up as top destinations for Aucklanders. So, it’s good news for these areas if you are looking for talented individuals and can’t find them locally.

Relocation campaigns aim to attract candidates in a bigger city to a regional location for a role. They do this by advertising the location just as much as the role and company and then posting the role on online job boards in the Auckland region.

What do I include in a relocation campaign?

Instead of simply explaining the role and why candidates should work for your company, with a relocation campaign it is equally, if not more, important to sell the location of the role. Think about affordable housing, beautiful scenery, easy access to ski fields, lakes or hiking areas – why would someone want to move to your region?

Also consider that a candidate who is located in a city will need time to move and actually relocate to your region, so if your business can offer relocation assistance, moving assistance, flexible starting dates, housing assistance or anything else that will make their move easier, make sure to highlight this in your advert. If applicants know you are flexible and willing to support them in relocating, they are much more likely to apply.

Make sure to still include the benefits of the role, and of working with your company. This could include training, a competitive salary, team lunches, flexible hours, bonus schemes and more.

If you’d like to discuss how to tailor your advertising and the media options available to you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. I help over 600 businesses with their recruitment advertising needs to attract the best candidates on the market.


Should you be targeting candidates outside of your local area?