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07 February

Keep your talent pool full with an ‘Always On’ approach – and reap the rewards.

Think that your industry isn’t trendy enough to attract talent in droves? Think again: a consistent, persistent Employer Branding strategy can make all the difference.
In 2015, A Daily Mail report* on UK-based PR firm Frank revealed that the firm was receiving unsolicited resumes in the thousands, from eager graduates desperate to make their mark. The graduates were so keen, in fact, that they were resorting to means far beyond the traditional CV. (One successful application was a CV printed on a t-shirt.)

Of course, PR is a popular career choice, and graduate roles are competitive across the board. But just because your industry isn’t flavour of the month doesn’t mean that this kind of response is beyond your reach – trust us.

In recruitment, as in life, there are no magic beans. But if you’re keen to gaze into that crystal ball and see yourself in an ideal world, never advertising externally for a vacancy ever again, make sure you’re ‘Always On.’

What does being ‘Always On’ mean?

Early last month, we discussed the idea of using a conversion funnel** for recruitment purposes, and how the first step in that process was to build awareness of your Employer Brand. We’ve also mentioned that the average consumer sees more than 3000 advertising messages a day***. So the competition is there, and it is fierce! But by placing positive messages out there about what it’s like to work for your company, on a consistent and sustained basis, you’re ‘Always On’ – and you’ll ensure that when your audience decides to look for work, you’re at the forefront of its mind.

So what’s your ideal end goal?

Well, the ‘fairytale’ (note the quotation marks here) goes something like this. Scores of applicants, all aligned with your values and ready to add value to your workplace, are patiently waiting in a database, ready for you to curate and consult from at any time. Instead of externally advertising each vacancy, a low-cost campaign simply refreshes each month, ticking over in the background, building upon your existing talent base. Late nights spent at the office refining job ads are a thing of the past. Your workload is more regular, more manageable. You’re possibly even getting more sleep.

Of course in the real world, timing is everything and it might not work out perfectly every time. But 80% of talent managers agree: employer branding has a SIGNIFICANT impact on your ability to hire great talent. (LinkedIn Global Recruitment Trends report, 2016)
So how do you get there?

Positive, repeated messages over a sustained period of time. Social media platforms are great for this: they’re typically low-cost, allow for you to pinpoint and target your audiences where they live, work and play, and also provide opportunities for sharing and dissemination within networks with ease.

Once you’ve got your channels sorted, you’ll also need to make sure that the message that you’re broadcasting is compelling. Research indicates that the most engaging Employer Branding content is the most authentic: ‘real’ people are much more likely to appeal to and ultimately attract talent than stock images. Why not set up a company Instagram account and hand it over to different people within your team to post?

Employer Branding isn’t magic, but it’s not difficult or expensive - and can lead to a very happy ending indeed.
In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at simple steps you can take to improve your Employer Branding by being ‘Always On’. If you’ve got any questions, we’re here to help.

*Read the full article here (it’s an eye-opener!)

**What’s a conversion funnel? We have all the details in our post from January 4, ‘When it comes to talent attraction, it’s time to think like an online retailer.’

***Really? Yep. Read ‘Is your recruitment advertising hitting the mark?’ (September 26) for further details.
Keep your talent pool full with an ‘Always On’ approach – and reap the rewards.