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03 July

Job Seeker Trends in 2019 - Recruitment Report

Do you know which media is delivering the most candidates? Or what candidates care about most when they are job hunting? Read our mid year report to find out what you need to know to develop an effective recruitment strategy.

When you are busy juggling recruitment and all the other components of your day, it can be a challenge to stay up to date with recruitment trends But knowing where, why and how to target candidates is essential for an effective recruitment strategy.

That’s why we’ve written this report. We coordinate thousands of recruitment campaigns each month, across a wide range of industries and roles. We closely monitor the results of those campaigns, giving us a wealth of data to share with you. Our team live and breathe recruitment every day, so you don’t have to! 

Want a sneak peek? Some key highlights:

  • The media landscape has never shifted so rapidly. In 2018, we saw the rise of Google to the top spot of traffic referrals, taking out the 2017 top performer Indeed. Mid 2019, the landscape has changed yet again, with top performer Indeed losing significant market share. Facebook has jumped the ranks to second place, delivering 20% of all candidate traffic to our clients.
  • If you haven’t already invested some thought, time or money into identifying and promoting your employer brand, now is the time. 96% of job seekers consider insight into a company’s reputation important in their decision to apply for an open role. Not having a clearly communicated employer brand will damage your ability to attract talent.  
  • Work-life balance has never been more important. Candidates are increasingly looking for flexibility from employers. Employers who can not offer flexible work options will lose talent to their competitors who can. 

If you are striving to reach great talent or if you know you need to try something different, then DOWNLOAD our report today! 

Job Seeker Trends in 2019 -  Recruitment Report