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17 January

Social Media WORKS to Find Qualified Tradespeople

Recruiting for trades and services? Here’s why social media advertising is your new best friend & how YOU can find great candidates…

2018 was all about stepping away from the norm and pushing the boundaries when it comes to recruitment campaigns. With this, we saw a huge increase in social media advertising to attract passive candidates and reach a broader market.

A space that was once taboo for recruitment, and trade campaigns, in particular, is now hot property! Over 33% of our clients engaged in Facebook advertising last year, and we saw an even bigger increase in trade-based jobs being front and centre in the sponsored spotlight. Approximately 16% of the total campaigns we ran on Facebook in 2018 were within the trades and services industry and this is only going to continue to rise in 2019.

To avoid getting left behind, here are our top tips on conquering the social space for your next trades and services recruitment campaign:

Keep it simple

By advertising on social media, you are advertising on a space that is predominantly a passive job seeker market. Keep it social media friendly, and remember that you are serving your ads to individuals that are probably already employed.

This means saying ‘goodbye’ to lengthy questionnaires and application forms. Keep it simple! This year is all about user-friendly, easy-to-navigate landing pages that are built for speed and efficiency.

Refine your creative concept

The top-performing Facebook campaigns in 2018 contained images that featured little to no text and focused on a strong concept which married the caption, the image and the call to action.

Companies that incorporated their story within the ad reaped the rewards, as we know that storytelling is a powerful tool to resonate with candidates, increasing overall engagement.

Target a new demographic

Welcome to the workforce, Generation Z! A generation that has been on social media forever, literally. Forbes describes Generation Z as those born between 1995–2010.

Millennials have been active on social media for a huge chunk of their lives, but Generation Z were pretty much born straight into it. Plus, with escalating university fees, it is also expected that Generation Z could likely skip higher-education all together and dive straight into full-time work after high school. In particular, the trades industries, where it is possible to gain qualifications while earning a wage rather than spending it.

Bottom line? Gen Z are on social media & out there looking for work. Go get em!

Tip: To engage this social-media-savvy generation, serve them with adverts that are eye-catching and are relevant to your organisation’s story. This generation is all about authentic, personal content. To freshen up your content, consider engaging in our copywriting service.

Get really specific, or not.

Programmatic advertising, in particular, targeted advertising couldn’t be easier for the trades industry. Are you currently looking for a Diesel Mechanic, based in Lower Hutt, that will fit into your team culture? No problem. We can get extremely granular.

Or you can go broader. You can target individuals by interests, demographics, location and narrow in on those who simply have an interest in your particular industry.

Tip: Targeting by brands and other relevant organisations are also effective ways to expand your reach.

If you’re ready to step into the world of social media advertising, but unsure of where to start, let’s chat. For more free recruitment advertising advice, check out our other blog topics at

Social Media WORKS to Find Qualified Tradespeople