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08 January

Here’s a secret to help you attract great Gen Z candidates to your job...

Looking to bring fresh talent into your organisation in 2019? Trying to attract a great Gen Z candidate? Here’s an insight that may surprise you.

Hiring a recent school leaver or graduate is a sensible strategy for many businesses who are planning for the future. But it’s not always that easy.

Yes, to reach Gen Z you need to be connected on social media, make it easy for them to find out more about your culture and invest in branding that promotes what you stand for as a business.  But it’s your well-crafted job advert and ‘come work for us’ messaging that’s going to attract that perfect millennial job seeker in the first place.  And here’s something you may not have thought of:

A sense of belonging and purpose is a motivator

“Generation Z is most likely to feel workplace loneliness with more than half of workers aged 18 to 23 who say they feel lonely at work” says Dr. Lesley McMillan in HCAMag

Insecurity and isolation in the workplace is an important consideration for employers as part of their overall HR and retention strategy. However, at the hiring stage, understanding this insight gives you an excellent opportunity to address a core Gen Z motivation as part of your ‘what we can offer’ messaging.

Why would a talented Gen Z employee want to work for you?

Your job advert will be one of the dozens that job seekers look at – and if you’re trying to attract someone who isn’t actively looking on job boards, it’s even more important that you understand what’s going to appeal to your audience via social media.

Whether that’s job perks, great money, flexi-time (all of which are attractive), don’t overlook the importance of emotional connection.  In our experience, people at all stages in their career want to be part of a strong team, have friends at work and feel they are contributing to something important.  However Gen Z, more than any other generation, believe in belonging and if your organisation offers a great environment, now’s the time to sing about it.

Effective job adverts stand out from the crowd

Like any good advertising, you need to get the attention of your target audience.  Here are our Top 3 tips:

  1. Candidates read job adverts thinking  ‘what’s in it for me?’ (WIFM) Make sure you balance what YOU want, with what you’re offering the great candidate who’s thinking about applying.
  2. The first 150 words of your job advert and the short text are what job seekers will see in their search. Make sure your adverts start with all the WIFM.
  3. Understanding that your dream Gen Z candidate may be one of the 50% who says they are lonely in their current job, if you’re offering a sense of community and pride yourself on having a great team, spell that out.  It could be just the trigger that gets you that perfect application.

Our Big Splash team are experts at writing job adverts that get results (and we know what media works too).  Or if you are keen to DIY, you can get more free advice on effective job advertising in our other blogs at

Here’s a secret to help you attract great Gen Z candidates to your job...