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19 December

3 reasons to consider Instagram for your next campaign

At Big Splash, we’re pretty passionate about attracting great talent – even if the methods are a bit unorthodox. We’ve had a few queries about Instagram lately, so here’s our take on when this medium might work for you.
Chances are you’ve heard of Instagram, that bright, fun image-sharing platform playing curator to the lives of celebrities, lifestyle gurus and savvy retailers across the globe.

But if you think that’s all it is, you may be missing a golden opportunity to connect with an audience of 500+ million.
Of course, it won’t be right for every role, but in today’s fragmented media environment, you’d be ill-advised to rule it out just yet. And like its big sister, Facebook, with employer branding taken into the equation advertising your job on ‘Insta’ packs something of a one-two punch.

Here are three reasons why we would recommend Instagram to our clients.

1. You want to get your vacancy in front of Millennials.

This oft-maligned demographic is fast becoming the largest component of the workforce, so if you’re keen to tap into this market, Instagram is a great choice, with 18-29 year-olds identified as the most prevalent users.

2. What you lack in salary you make up for in fun.

If you can’t compete with others in your industry, dollar for dollar, all hope is not lost – that is, if you can show applicants the kind of amazing culture your workplace offers. Think about the lifestyle gurus, retailers and celebrities for a moment. Think about what they feed to their audiences. Depending on your outlook, it’s either aspiration or it’s envy. And the same could be said for your company. Maybe you have a cracker of an annual team dinner? Or an espresso machine in your kitchen? Find out what your envy-inducers are, capture them and get them out there for job seekers to discover.

3. Your vacancy involves fashion, art, media, animals, anything visual, or anything connected with popular culture.

Not to say, of course, that more corporate roles wouldn’t work, but having a vacancy that dwells comfortably within these areas is a blessing when it comes to targeted advertising, as the correct audiences can be instantly and accurately pinpointed through their interests. And beyond this, think about the nature of the role itself. Is it photographable? If you’re trying to hire an Actuary, then you may need to look further afield – but a Dog Groomer, Midwife, Barista or Fashion Intern? Now you’re talking.

Have we got you thinking about new ways to attract top talent? Do you have a vacancy that fits the bill? Or do you have a vacancy that doesn’t? Either way, we love effective advertising. And we’re always happy to talk.
3 reasons to consider Instagram for your next campaign