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26 September

Is your recruitment advertising hitting the mark?

Even if you thought about it, you would be hard pressed to say how many advertising messages you've seen today. Research shows the average consumer sees more than 3000 messages a day!
The media landscape is fragmenting: that’s why leading consumer brands are no longer just relying on TV or magazines to reach their audience. You’ll see companies trying to stand out in the clutter by placing their message in multiple media: from Facebook, to billboards, on radio and beyond.

Reaching people where they live, work and play is imperative if you want your message to cut through. It’s no different when you are advertising a job vacancy. Up to 80% of the talent pool is what’s known as a ‘passive’ job seeker: that means they aren’t actively out looking at recruitment adverts, but they are open to new opportunities.

Capture their attention and your talent pool widens considerably.

Even candidates who are actively job searching by scrolling through online job boards are faced with hundreds of job ads fighting for their attention. What do you think the chances are of someone missing your ad in that environment?

Search behaviour has also changed. Where an active job seeker may once have gone straight to the Situations Vacant section or an online job board, now it’s estimated at least half of the population goes straight to Google and starts their job search by entering key words.

Progessive HR teams are starting to think of their recruitment advertising strategy in the same way as marketers have always considered their mainstream media buy. Who do we want to attract? Where are they looking?

“I worked recently with a leading corporate who needed to fill multiple roles” says Joanna Baker, Group General Manager of recruitment solutions business Talent Propeller. “Traditionally they would have just placed an ad on a job board. My suggestion was a multi pronged approach. Firstly we placed the same ad in multiple categories with different headlines, to give us the best chance of capturing attention in the active job seeker space. Of course, we made sure all of those ads were optimised for key word job searching. Then, we promoted the vacancy via Facebook to their thousands of followers, because in their community of passionate brand advocates, there were people with the required skills and experience for these roles who were not active job seekers. Our multi pronged approach, which included an active employee referral program, meant all roles were filled within 3 weeks.”

Big Splash are the experts in effective recruitment advertising and have been since 2002. We work with businesses of all sizes, who advertise anything from one role a year to 100. Whether you have your own ATS system or prefer emailed applications, we know how to design, write and place adverts that get attention. Call us for an obligation free discussion.
Is your recruitment advertising hitting the mark?