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24 October

3 Ways Your Onboarding Process Can Impact Your Employer Brand

You’ve put a lot of work into building your employer brand and attracted a top candidate to your company. Don’t let it go to waste with a poor onboarding process.

Effective onboarding of new hires is crucial for your company and employee retention. A study by Indeed shows that 65% of new hires will look at job ads again within 91 days of starting a new job and this is often down to the organisation not meeting their expectations. 

There is a link between onboarding best practise and a strong employer brand. If you’re serious about attracting great staff, here are 3 things for you to consider:

1. Your Employer Brand = Your Reputation

Your job ads and what people say about you out there, sets the expectations for your new hire’s ‘employee experience’. If your new starter has a negative experience during their induction, there is nothing stopping them from getting online and sharing this with a network of people. And this can go a whole lot further than just a ‘my job sucks’ Facebook post.

Websites like Glassdoor and Indeed Company Pages are gaining momentum where employees can review the company they work for. Research shows that 60% of candidates are likely to research a company before they accept a job offer, or even apply for a job.

If you’ve got a negative reputation or are rated on the low end, this is going to impact your overall effort to get great people applying and will negatively affect your employer brand.

2. Bad news travels fast, especially in the job market

The truth is, the human psyche is more attracted to bad news or commentary. On the flip side, good news and commentary often goes un-reported and in a digital world, commentary can be shared instantaneously.

Within online communities the employee voice is deemed more ‘trustworthy’ than a CEO. People tend to believe in reviews and ratings they see online. Consider if you were looking at restaurant reviews and stumble across a negative comment regarding unfriendly wait-staff or uncleanliness, you are probably going to take that as gospel.

Whether you like it or not, company reviews and comments are treated in the same way by your prospective candidates.

3. First impressions count, so make an effort in that first month

Everyone remembers their first day. Those first moments with your new hire are crucial and your employee experiences should ideally reflect what you promise in terms of culture, team and values.

The best thing that you can do is understand that ‘onboarding’ doesn’t just refer to ‘orientation’. Sure, that is all part of it, but having a solid process that is inclusive and welcoming is the key.

So, what is best practice when it comes to onboarding?

  • Assign roles to your team to aid in the onboarding process. Have your veteran employee plan a welcome event and to introduce your new employee into the team.
  • Have a ‘First 90 days’ mindset and take your new hire through a journey. Outline the training plan and goals so they know what to expect and when. Help calm those first day nerves.
  • Speak with your Big Splash Account Manager. We can work with you on defining your employer brand value proposition, develop an effective Employer Brand digital strategy and incorporate what it is that makes you unique and special into your onboarding.
  • Think outside of the box. During the hiring process, consider utilising our Personality Profiling skills test to get a better understanding of your candidate’s personality type and how they will fit in with your company culture. Our video introduction tool is another great way to gain insight into the nature of your new employee so you can customise the onboarding process.

Remember, onboarding is the first impression of your company culture, the morale of the team, and who you are as an employer. In other words, your chance to prove everything you promised in your job ad!   

If you’re current onboarding process is a bit lack lustre, now’s a great time for a fresh start. A chance to breathe new life into your company’s culture, improve your staff retention and focus on your strengths as an organisation. Good luck!

3 Ways Your Onboarding Process Can Impact Your Employer Brand