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23 August

Why You Should Use Social Media to FIND candidates, WHEN You Shouldn’t… and why you won’t believe what happened next…

Welcome to the big bad world of social media, where it’s all about that bait! Most of us use social media and are familiar with how it works, which is what makes it such a powerful platform. However, actually taking the plunge to use it for business can be a bit daunting.

Digital advertising offers lots of different options.  If you’re someone that isn’t sure what you’re doing, playing guessing games can become a costly and time consuming exercise. However with all that potential there at your fingertips, doing it well means you can engage with the right people fast and cost effectively.

Here are a couple things to think about to ensure a great return on investment for your recruitment advertising on social media.

1. Not all roles perform equally well on social 

That’s not to say everyone in every industry isn’t on the internet or social media, because they definitely are, it is simply that different demographics of people in different industries have different levels of engagement.

Let’s look at some great examples of roles that work amazingly well on social media like Facebook:

Hospitality & Tourism

People working in the hospitality community are much easier to pinpoint based on the information they have on their profile. These are things such as location, fields of study, education, job titles and interests. As these are usually more specific and there is a critical mass of people in this industry it can be easy for your ads to get traction.

The second reason why jobs in this industry typically perform well on social media is because of the community element of people. We see a lot of people tagging their friends about opportunities in the hospitality, food and beverage roles, which mean your ads getting exposure beyond what you are immediately paying for. (Free Advertising!!!)

Healthcare & Medical

This is another industry with people who have quite clear and defined job titles and workplaces, and who usually provide accurate information on their social profiles which allow us to target effectively. It can also be effective for hirers who are looking for someone willing to relocate. An eye catching creative, targeting healthcare professionals outside of your location could make them consider why relocating is a good opportunity.

Roles that aren’t as good:

Administration & Finance

This is an industry with broad and diverse job titles, educational backgrounds and is also particularly saturated by other advertisers outside of the recruitment space who are trying to target them.

This doesn’t mean that social media is a completely lost cause to reach these people, it can just require a bit more leg work in terms of developing a profile to make sure we capture the right person with adverts. Being too narrow can mean you miss out on a whole bunch of people who may be perfect for the role, being too broad can mean you are wasting your money advertising to people who are absolutely not right.

2. Make sure your application process is ‘social media friendly’

One of the key reasons we keep social media and digital advertising in our recruitment advertising tool box is that 80% of the job seeker market aren’t actively looking for jobs on job boards. Platforms like Facebook and Google help us target the people who fit our criteria and tell them why they should consider the exciting opportunity with us.

The thing to understand with social media, is that when you advertise, you need to change your expectations about the way people are going to apply for jobs with you. If you’re targeting a person, who sees your ad for the first time, if they are on the bus to work, it’s likely they aren’t going to apply with you there and then. It will probably take them a while to digest the message, and times to see the ad again before they consider applying.

Rather than put an ad out on Facebook and standing by waiting for the applications to start flooding in, look at the stats, see how many people are clicking through to your role and where they are stopping. This can help you identify what might be putting them off. It could be your advert creative, it might be the text on the job ad itself, or it may be the questionnaire with the applicants not wanting to answer all your questions.

(FYI, booking a campaign with Big Splash means you get access to all these stats.)

Big Splash are the experts in digital recruitment advertising. We work with businesses of all sizes, who advertise anything from one role a year to 100. Whether you have your own ATS system or prefer emailed applications, we know how to design, write and place adverts that get attention. Call us for an obligation free discussion.

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Why You Should Use Social Media to FIND candidates,  WHEN You Shouldn’t… and why you won’t believe what happened next…