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25 July

5 Reasons why Big Splash Customers are Getting the Best Candidates

What is it that makes us different? And by different we mean able to reach and engage great candidates!

#1 We work with over 800 media

Candidates are not searching multiple job boards anymore and increasingly are relying on social media and talent matching to deliver opportunities to them. 

Unfortunately, the reality of advertising across multiple platforms, is you can burn over an hour in deciding which platforms are right for your role, logging in or creating an account if you haven't worked with them before, posting ads, in some cases designing artwork, paying for ads.

Big Splash works with over 800 media so becomes a one stop shop for you. Give us your advert, we will recommend the best media for your vacancy and we will then manage the writing, the design and the posting of your ad to each of those media. 

#2 Impartial advice

Over 2000 campaigns a month for more than 800 clients. That's a lot of market intel! You may have one job board telling you they are the best, but that's only based off their own data... and their desire to reach their own sales targets!

We can see which media is delivering from an impartial stand point and can share with you what has worked - and what hasn't worked, to save you wasting money on media that just doesn't deliver quality candidates in your industry. 

#3 We're fast

From your request, to a proof for approval in two hours - Enough said. 

We are arguably the fastest operating advertising agency because we understand the urgency of getting a vacancy advertised and filled. 

#4 We think outside the box

In today's market it's not just about posting an ad on a job board like SEEK. Do that, and limit yourself drastically to your available talent pool. The companies getting the BEST the candidate market has to offer, are thinking intelligently about where their ideal candidate is looking for a job (or not looking, as the case often is with passive candidates).

Some of our more innovative advertising campaigns include billboards, bill stickers, advertising panels on the back of toilet doors at gyms and movie theatres, radio, and social media "text to apply."

#5 We utilise our network and community

Wouldn't you love to know what another company had tried that succeeded or failed to deliver quality candidates? Could that save you time and money?  That's exactly the power of the Big Splash community. With 2000-odd campaigns going through our doors every month, we can share what has worked, and what hasn't worked, giving you the best chance of a successful campaign. 

Keen to learn more? If so, here are 5 easy ways to get started on building an enticing employer brand for your small business.

Big Splash are the experts in effective recruitment advertising and have been since 2002. We work with businesses of all sizes, who advertise anything from one role a year to 100. Whether you have your own ATS system or prefer emailed applications, we know how to design, write and place adverts that get attention. Call us for an obligation free discussion.

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5 Reasons why Big Splash Customers are Getting the Best Candidates