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11 July

How to find and hire Talented Millennials in 2018

If you’re looking for bright job seekers with 1-3 years of work experience, here’s what you need to know about how they’re searching to change jobs. By Cheyne Cleaver, Big Splash Marketing Coordinator (and Millennial).

What’s changed in the way people under 30 search for jobs in the past 12 months?

Largely, the reliance on social.  We are online all the time and expect opportunities to come to us. Whether it’s because an employer has made sure their ad fits our profile, or we’ve been tagged by a friend or colleague, you have to be really motivated to move to be trawling a job board, whereas social media delivers opportunities right to our inbox every day.

At Big Splash, application rates to job ads on Facebook are on the rise, with some of our customers, particularly in the hospitality and logistics space, now receiving more applications in some cases via social media, than traditional job media.  You’ve got to think about it in your advertising mix.   

How should employers be using social media to reach millennials?

Easy first step is a ‘we’re hiring’ post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It costs nothing and gives your current team the chance to share and tag their friends. Then think about a proper paid digital campaign that goes beyond your current community.  You can build a persona of the ideal candidates you‘d like to be applying for your role based on things like location, qualifications, industry or shared associations – for example, if you’re looking for someone in the medical field, you could look for people who have membership of professional groups or participation in related forums and chat groups. 

Then great creative and a compelling reason to click on your role gets the ball rolling. At Big Splash, videos on LinkedIn and animated ads on Facebook are just some of the ways we’re targeting people for that ‘next career step’ opportunity with our clients.   

What can employers do to encourage applications from talented millennials?

Make it easy. 1000s of questions or a complicated application process isn't helpful for you or the applicant.  Asking for way too much personal data, like medical history as part of the application is weird. People will probably research your company before they apply so provide some information to help: a link to a careers page is a good start. 

Do you have any tips for how build a talent pool network of talented millennials if you’re hiring regularly?

It’s really important to remember that recruitment is a human process and today’s applicants expect to be communicated with throughout the process. It’s not good enough anymore to just ignore unsuccessful candidates: 60% say they will tell others if they have a bad experience with a brand and that includes recruitment. A quick update on how our  application is progressing or a swift decline is appreciated; people love transparency. And we know it’s not that hard, there are plenty of online systems that mean even small business can make the effort to value their candidates.

Any final tips for how to ‘seal the deal’ with a talented millennial ?

Assuming you’ve sold someone on your company culture and what you offer, my best advice is to move fast. In most industries, we find good talent isn’t on the market long and there’s fierce competition in that 2-3 years of experience area.  You should assume that if you think someone has a great resume, you’re not the only one. Get onto promising candidates early and keep communicating.  Good luck!   


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How to find and hire Talented Millennials in 2018