An effective recruitment strategy is more than just a pretty advert

About Us

NZ owned and operated since 2002, Big Splash has from the start, provided companies of all sizes with effective and engaging recruitment strategies.

It’s a visual world

To compete effectively for great talent, you need to stand out. Whether you have a simple text ad online, a clever recruitment video or a series of high impact billboards, our talented graphic and multimedia designers will ensure your artwork gets attention.

It’s not just what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it

These days, a great ad is just half the story. You’ve got to deliver it to the right candidates - often more than once - in order to get the result. Our clever PrecisionTargeter™ service enables you to precisely target your ideal candidate online and in social media. Great targeting = less time spent sifting through irrelevant applications.

Think outside the box

If it’s a major recruitment campaign you’re running, let’s talk about innovative ways you can attract great candidates AND enhance your brand. (Wouldn’t your marketing team love that!) Our media expertise enables you to get clever offline, with multichannel campaigns that might include such creative solutions as digital billboards and interactive bus shelters.

You’ll get a better response

Our carefully targeted copywriting and media approach is designed to minimise the time you spend sorting through unsuitable applications. We know which media works and promise to give you unbiased advice.

You’re in control

We want to keep things as straightforward for you as possible, that’s why there’ll be one dedicated Ad Coordinator looking after your business. You’ll also get your own online account that you can access at any time to modify, book or review your campaigns.
Importantly, we will ask you to sign ZERO annual contracts. You will keep coming back to us because you want to.

Return on Investment and Campaign Analysis

If continuous improvement and learnings are important to you, your Ad Coordinator can give you all the facts, figures and benchmarks you need.